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About Charles

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Charles C. Messina and I am running for the Florida House of Representatives, District 76 in this November's Election, 2014. I have great concerns about our local environment, especially our drinking water supply. I have lived here in Southwest Florida since 2004. And, I believe our current representative is not looking out for us. I plan to do a better job for all of us living here in Southwest Florida.

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Charlie's Concerns

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Our current representative has authored HB 71 and BH 157. These Bills will make exempt from disclosure, hazardous chemicals in "Hydrofracking Fluids." Once injected into the ground, these fluids have a "Real Potential" of "Poisoning Our Drinking Water." Also, I want to address the nutrient rich fresh water releases from Lake Okeechobee. They generate "Algae Blooms" aka, "Red Tide."  Red Tide is disastrous for our economy and needs to be dealt with.

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Help Charles

I need your assistance to effect a positive change for our State of Florida. Our campaign will be a great push forward, to help protect our environment and resources. There are a number of ways you could contribute. All of them are essential to the success of our campaign. Now that I am qualified to be on this November's Ballot, I need your help. Please Donate or Volunteer your time. I cannot win without your support. We can do this together. I thank you.

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     I encourage you to go
     watch this Documentary,

     "Gas Land II."


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